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IRESMO Foundation Group

AITRE&BiP-Advanced Innovation Technology in Renewable Energy & Business in Partnership;
Istituto di Ricerche Europee in Scienze Molecolari;
Istituto Regionale di Scienze Molecolari Convivium ISTA-Istituto di Scienze e Tecnologie Alimentari SCI-ScientiaCalabria Science Consulting for Innovation
partner AmbientenergiA spin-off Unical, LIFE Network, ENVANBIEN s.a., Malveira, Portugal e
Sino Italian Chemitech R&D Institute, Nanjing, China


IRESMO Foundation mission

The Mediterranean Aliment Culture, MAC, now well known as Mediterranean Diet, MeDiet, an UNESCO immaterial human heritage since 2011, was investigated by the Seven Countries Studies, formally started in fall 1958 and continued for more than 50 years in seven countries, four regions of the world, UA, Japan, Northern Europe, Southern Europe. One of the cohorts is in Italy, at Nicotera, a village of Tyrrhenian cost of Calabria.

The Calabria region, the green heartland of the Italy toe, has everything the Agricultural and Food Technology Science needs. It has a food industry, its agriculture deserves an advanced stage of modernisation, and its environment is still unspoilt. In addition, the agricultural land offered is representative of many Mediterranean countries in terms of situation, altitude, climate and crops.

The social and cultural traditions of the Region also provide a rich source of inspiration for the IRESMO researches, offering a highly stimulating creative environment. All these factors combine to make Calabria the logical choice for IRESMO enterprise and endeavour.

IRESMO exploits a series of human resources, structures, laboratories, equipment, classrooms, fields and greenhouses, which, under intelligent management and governance, can reach the critical mass necessary for the creation and dissemination of innovation in agri and zoo industrial districts.